Letting Go of Anger

Last night my husband came home really late.  He has been working a lot this week.  I have a big day today and wanted to be well rested.  The clock read 11:22 when he came in the door.  Part of me wanted to lash out at him.  I was angry he was interrupting my plan.  Then it occurred to me that I could choose to be really angry with him, or I could choose to let it go.  When I went into the “let it go” place, I felt my body relax, tension disappeared, my breathing was easy, I felt lighter.  When I was feeling angry and resentful, I felt my muscles tightening, my head ache, my breathing was shallow and I did not feel good.  I focused on letting it go.  I breathed out the anger.  I noticed the anger wasn’t helping me and I couldn’t change the situation.  I was able to relax into the space of “it is what it is”.
The practice of releasing our anger is incredibly freeing.  When we are facing a situation we can’t change, we have the power to choose to let anger take over or release ourselves from it.  I’ll tell you from my own experience, I like being in my own skin best when I choose to let it go.