Celebrate Your Steps in the Journey

Sometimes we just need a bit of encouragement to keep moving forward. That’s the plan for today. Think of where you were a year ago? What did your life look like then? How did you make decisions? What was your contentment level? Look at the different aspects of who you are and how you lived your life. Then, look at today. What’s different? Are you feeling more content? Do you make decisions with more clarity or confidence? Do you enjoy more moments in your life?
Take some time in the next few days to ponder these questions. Reflect. Write down what comes to your mind. Find an object, a picture, something tangible that is a reminder of the changes within. Everytime you look at it you can celebrate where you’ve been and where you are. The saying, “The journey is everything!” is true. We must celebrate the journey, not constantly keep our eyes on the big end “goal” or we may miss the most important part of life…living it!