Change Agents

What are you wanting to change or work on?  Do you lose sight of this from time to time?  Changing is challenging but not impossible.  It all starts with being aware of what you are doing, thinking, feeling and saying.  At first you might notice after you have done the very thing you are trying to change.  Over time, as you dedicate your mind to choosing differently, you begin to notice in the moment and then just before you do the thing you’re trying to change.  This is the growth process.  No one changes over night. Be patient with yourself as you seek to walk a healthier path.
Implement strategies that help you on your journey.  Sticky notes that you change up every few days, can be helpful. A reminder that pops up on your cell phone, a note-to-self in a vibrant color on your bathroom mirror, visualizing yourself making the healthy choice, a daily practice of spending time focusing on the change and how it will impact your life for the better are all strategies you can use.  Enlist the help of others.  Have friends at the ready you can call or text when you notice yourself heading down the unwanted path.  Tell them in advance what you need from them so they are prepared.  Take time to brainstorm a long list of ‘change agents’ that will help you stay on your path toward a healthier more enjoyable life and use them!