Looking At Our Debris

I just read a post from a friend.  In her story, neglect from a parent was disguised and excused away by “service to God.”  It’s interesting how we can find ways to justify or excuse away our choices that ultimately result in pain for those  around us.  One of the greatest gifts of humanity is the ability to make amends.  We are able to look at our lives, to take stock of what we have done, and make mid or post-course corrections.   We can go back to those we have hurt, own our part in it, and apologize.  By doing so we free ourselves from the bondage of our missteps.  We also open up the possibility of experiencing a healthier relationship with those we have hurt, if they are open to working on that with us.  Debris is that which is left in our wake as we pass through our life.  The debris is a gift that we can openly examine and use to change the direction of our lives.