One beauty of being human is we have the capacity to change. We can be completely frustrated by our behavior and choices but we never have to settle and stay there. It’s not easy to grow and change, but as long as we are breathing on our own, we can do it. We need support, and that’s what Journey Forward for Life is all about!

Journey Forward for Life offers encouragement and support through Workbooks, Blog posts, Workshops, Courses, Counseling, and Clinical Supervision.

Who am I? I’m Karen Thacker. I have been on my own journey toward change since 2005. I know exactly what it’s like to feel like I’m not enough or don’t measure up. I can look put together on the outside but be a jealous, prideful, angry mess on the inside. I did not know any of this until I imploded my life in the early 2000s. A few years into my healing journey, I decided I wanted to walk alongside others who, like me, needed help reconnecting to their true selves, finding healing, and walking free on this side of heaven. I went to graduate school and earned a Master’s in Counseling. Since then, I have continued to grow and celebrate my freedom and have dedicated myself to helping others do the same. That is my motivation for my work. My private practice, book, workbook, blog, workshops, courses, teaching, and pursuing my doctorate all have the same overarching purpose: to help people move toward a life that brings them freedom.

I journey with you from experience. Everything I pass on to others I have tested in the real world of my life. If it doesn’t work, I don’t recommend it. If it does, I shout it from the mountaintops. Few of us got solid training in processing our thoughts and emotions and effectively functioning in relationships. It’s no wonder we end up frustrated, miserable, and sometimes imploding our lives.

You don’t have to stay there. Come join me and Journey Forward for Life!