Sometimes we forget that people are simply in need of being seen right where they are. When we meet a very tangible need, it can pave the way for a person to move forward. This is true for my daughter, Anna. She is still in Durham, NC almost four months since her lung transplant. Unfortunately she got an infection that put her in the hospital for five weeks from December 8 until January 12. She left the hospital weak and discouraged. What she has needed since then is listening and space to grieve the life she does not have. This has helped her gain motivation from within to get stronger emotionally and physically.

In Kenya, it means cleaning the wounds of a woman after an assault. The following is from a friend who is meeting the needs of the forgotten and outcast:

“We had the first aide kit out early this morning.
One of our Addiction Assistance members had been badly beaten.
Her tears mingled with ours as we cleaned her wounds…
She had returned to the bar looking for a man who would exchange sex for food for her children. They were hungry. She was beaten in the process.
Today she will start learning to roll paper beads so she can provide food with dignity!
All of our beadwork is providing a safe stepping stone out of addiction for people! As one heals and finds a job, we can invite another to join us!
If you’d like to help in a very practical way, please check out our Etsy shop!!”

Who is in your path today who needs a very basic need met? Perhaps it is a listening ear or the reminder they are seen and loved.