In A New Venture, A Familiar Fear, I talked about being afraid of learning how to teach an online class. I tackled the learning process one step at a time and finally graduated from the sandbox to officially teaching. I recently completed the first week of the online class and so far it is going well. There are a few things I’m not sure about. I still need to look over cheat sheets when accomplishing some of my responsibilities but overall it’s going well.

I have been reminded that worry just sucks much-needed energy. In addition to the new teaching experience, I have been on an adventure for the last few weeks. I got the amazing opportunity to be a volunteer counselor at a retreat for women living and serving in Europe. After the retreat, a friend who also volunteered at the retreat, joined me for a bit of travel. The entire time has been one of puzzle pieces being put into place a step at a time. I am so thankful for the experience. Two reminders in a row not to waste time fearing the unknown. I might not know what’s on the other side of the wall, but that’s ok. I’ll find out when I need to. Life is best lived in the moment we are in versus worrying about the moments to come. 🙂