Me at the Grand Canyon

I’m Free!

I have been indulging in episodes of Glee…maybe I should confess “seasons” not just episodes since I am now on Season 3. As a former choir and musical theater girl, I thoroughly enjoy the music and dancing. Lately, a thought has been inching its way into my mind as the individuality of the characters is colorfully displayed: Let your freak flag fly.
So often we are plagued by the oppression of conformity. This oppression leads to anxiety and depression and it is completely unnecessary. I can find no reason for it. It’s our individuality that makes us relatable. I will rephrase that: it’s the embracing and acceptance of our own individuality as well as that of those whose paths we cross that encourages connection with others. Connection with others heals our very soul.
I think, when we are busy trying to fit in to some ideal, we are missing the mark. We are a shadow of ourselves and therefore only bringing a small portion of all we have to offer on this earth. This is crushing your spirit, limiting your potential and leading to unnecessary emotional challenges. Adopt the belief that your unique qualities are good and use them to make your life and the lives of those around you better.
Your unique self doesn’t mean you have to be bold and splashy. I’m not that at all. I am simple: plain hair, no tattoos, ‘conservative-ish’ clothing, little jewelry. There’s nothing particularly striking about me and I embrace that. It’s not a put down, it’s who I am. I am most comfortable this way and I like it…I love me! So find out what you like to wear, do, think and say, then live it out.
Here’s how:

  1. Be aware of the times when you are hiding your true self.
  2. Ask yourself what you gain by hiding.
  3. Ask yourself what you lose by hiding.
  4. Visualize yourself being authentic in that moment.
  5. Then do it.

If you run into problems like anxiety around changing, enlist the help of a counselor/therapist to help you work through it and get to the place where you can confidently Fly Your Freak Flag High!