My father-in-law died. Remember my whining about him being sick and my mother-in-law having to cancel her trip? His passing was a loss for many, especially my mother-in-law whose life has changed dramatically. Life is full of gains and losses, ups and downs, good and bad. All we can do is ride along the river of life and for the most part go where the flow takes us. What we can choose is how we go down that river. We can kick and scream, we can be miserable or we can take it all in, learn the lessons, and find the good in everything. I find myself sometimes kicking and screaming which is so exhausting I hope one day to just stop. I am, at times, miserable about my life, which is ridiculous considering how fortunate I am. I want more of the acceptance of life as it comes. It’s so peaceful that way. I have increased energy for things I can actually change. The hardships are less painful when I accept them, go through them and let them slip into my past.