When my husband and I were dating, we corresponded online before we actually met face to face.  While I don’t remember the details of the particular conversation I am writing about, I distinctly remember “or IWGMNM”.  My husband had run out of room and condensed the last part of the conversation into initials.  I had no idea what those letters stood for.  Later I learned they stood for “I won’t get my needs met.”  My husband was responding to a question I had asked related to being aware of my needs.  There are no guarantees that if we are meeting the needs of our partner ours will get met, but the odds of that happening to you rise dramatically if you are meeting your partner’s needs.
Maybe you have no idea what your needs are.  Perhaps you are thinking you shouldn’t have needs.  You could be one of those people out there who believes every need, want, and desire of yours better get met or there will be hell to pay.  We all have different ideas about needs and their place in our lives and our relationships.  I’m going to use the next few blog posts to delve into the topic of needs.
This is going to be a series of blog posts dedicated to the value of needs in relationships, identifying our needs and communicating them in a way that increases the likelihood of them getting met.  Stay tuned for Part 2 🙂