It’s a good thing that I didn’t think about the pain of my surgery. I could never have imagined it being as painful as it was. Had I given it much thought I might not have had the surgery. The purpose was to fix a misaligned bone in my foot. That one error was wreaking havoc on the big toe joint. I developed bone spurs and destroyed the cartilage. This made walking painful. I love walking! I won’t know for awhile if the surgery was successful, but I am content knowing I tried.

After 11 days of doing nothing, I am active again. I am actually at day 14 today. It feels good to think clearly. I literally couldn’t do anything but lay on the couch for 9 days. By Day 10 I could begin to do simple things like finding pins I liked on Pinterest. Today, I can write. I had no idea my mind and ability to function would be so compromised during the initial healing process after my surgery. I know some days were due to the anesthesia, some to pain medication, and some were simply a result of my body’s demand that I be still. When my body finally released me to be active again, it was nearly a 180 degree shift. I’m on crutches and can put a tiny bit of weight on my foot, so I am certainly not back to my full self, but I’m vertical more than I am horizontal these days.

I have such appreciation for my body…I would do well to listen carefully to it.