A few weeks ago I posted “Giving Myself Grace.” Realizing that my schedule is overwhelming, I decided to let up on my once-a-week posting goal. The decision was freeing. I had been feeling the weight of not posting as often as I had hoped. You may be wondering then how is it that I am posting twice in one week? Me, too! The Olympics have not helped my busy schedule. I have lost many hours sucked into the swimming, beach volleyball, and gymnastics venues. I have stood at my computer (I simply cannot sit all day!) and unsuccessfully attempted to watch only the most interesting events and work on a paper at the same time. My papers aren’t due until Monday; I think I’m going to be alright.
This morning it dawned on me, I’m getting better at taking care of myself. My first few weeks of being back in school were grueling. I chucked my almost daily walks, sitting on the deck with a cup of tea while reading, praying and contemplating life. I missed out on beautiful summer afternoons while in Aspen for a week around July 4, trading that for research and writing. I found myself in a bit of a swirl, the downward kind. I was bitter that I had to miss out on the exhilarating elements of summer so I could take stupid classes to prepare myself for the possible change in Colorado Law increasing the credit hour degree requirements of Licensed Professional Counselors to 60. And I was starting to crumble.
I know myself fairly well. One of the elements of my life that I cannot afford to dispose of is self care. For me, basic self care includes getting outside – I have to feel the sun on my skin and I am not content with the bit I get walking to my car in the parking lot at work. I need to exercise regularly. I’m not an Olympian in the making; I walk for about a half an hour a day with my tiny Maltese. It is not a power walk! But I’m out there, getting fresh air, sunshine and feeling really alive. I need to drink my morning cup of chai tea with whole milk and sit on the deck, if even for just 10 minutes. I need to read my Bible and contemplate what God is saying in there (I’ve got another post brewing about my take on “hearing” God), and I need to pray. I pray for my family, friends, clients, whoever happens to pop into my mind; I pray about the things I want to accomplish, and I pray about the things in me that need some work. Today, it hit me how good it felt this week to get back to taking care of myself.
I am feeling more balanced and more at peace. My thinking is clearer and I am less likely to get defensive. I am more aware of what I am about to say, and am getting better at thinking things through before hurtful words fly out of my mouth. I am experiencing more love for my husband and children. I created time to jot down this quick blog…twice in one week! By the way, I love blogging! Really I love putting my thoughts down on paper, blogging is a powerful outlet. I think blogging is part of my self care ritual as well.
So, my advice, be good to yourself today. You’re the only one who can make it happen.